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Christmas Eve

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:11 pm
by Marsbar
Toronto, Ontario, 12-14-2016 - It all started at CHUM-FM on a cold wintery night … it was Christmas Eve 1973.

Being alone with very few places to go, David Marsden decided to be on the air that Christmas Eve. A night when most families gather together, close friends celebrate the year past, and young children stay up past their bedtimes eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa.

For David it was a night to be alone on the radio - a place where he belonged. But what to do for Christmas Eve became a challenge. At the time, CHUM-FM was a Free Form Progressive Rock station and it seemed there was little Christmas music fitting that sound.

What records did Marsden play that Christmas Eve? It seems no one remembers. Least of all David himself. However, 43 years later - some of the Special Program features produced especially for that night are still a big part of Marsden’s Christmas Eve Show. It has become a tradition. But traditional? Definitely not!

It was well past midnight, when David walked out of the radio station and stepped into the cold dark night following his show. Streets were silent and the city seemed asleep. Crystalline flakes of snow drifted gently toward the ground shimmering under the dim streetlights of the city, as they softly rested on the undisturbed sidewalk.

David started to walk, with each step making an impression in the snowy canvass shrouding the street. He wasn’t sure where he was heading - but he knew with absolute certainty that it was not home. There was no one waiting there for him. Spending the rest of this Christmas Eve home alone - seemed empty. He traveled slowly down Yonge street, huge damp snowflakes caked upon his long hippie hair, and his thoughts were filled with memories of Christmas past. It seemed as if only a few minutes had passed, when he found himself at corner of Bloor and Yonge.

The intersection was abandoned. The endless queues of shoppers who had filled the stores, now all gone home. Home to be with their families and friends to enjoy the spirit that is Christmas. Stollerys’ storefront windows, that only a few hours earlier reflected the frantic joy of finding that perfect gift, now seemed to mock anyone who would find themselves alone on Christmas Eve.

Not homeless - but not wanting to return to the emptiness that was home - David wandered the streets that night. Yes, there were a few others out - but he felt alone. As strangers passed each other - there was no eye contact, no merry wishes of happy holidays. The air wasn’t filled with joy and shouts of Merry Christmas. There was only an inescapable feeling of sadness. Ashamed to be alone on this special night, fearing that each may be judged as one without friends.

The wet snow was beginning to melt on David’s hair and beard. To others it may have appeared as tears, as it dripped down his face. But to Marsden it was a moment of resolution. His resolution that night? To never again spend the holidays alone.

That lonesome night in 1973, David made a personal commitment to always be on the radio on Christmas Eve. To be there for others, who may be confronting the same loneliness he felt that night. Especially the night before Christmas.

The tradition continues this December 24, 2016 - starting at 8:00 PM EST - exclusively at Please join us for the 43rd Annual Christmas Eve Special with David Marsden plus reporting exclusively from Santa's sleigh - Happy Pants.

Traditional Christmas? Definitely not!!!

Re: Christmas Eve

PostPosted: Thu Dec 15, 2016 8:58 pm
by Sunbeam
I was listening to chum-fm on Chrismas Eve 1973. I've never willingly missed David's Christmas Eve show since. Respective tenures on the Left Coast excepted ;) . It is a very special event, unlike any other. Lovingly looked-forward to, and cherished.

Just wondering, David, have you made plans for New Year's Eve this year? It's a Saturday night. Wouldn't it be nice to have James, Rob, Ivar, Andre and Igor in for a multi-DJ live new years party, like you did the New Years before we lost Don? What the heck, link Scott in from Vancouver, too :) .

Of course, I don't know what your studio looked like after the last event like that, so maybe I'm treading dangerous ground ;) . Just thinking out loud. Whatever you decide to do, please enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Sunbeam and Family And Friends

Re: Christmas Eve

PostPosted: Fri Dec 16, 2016 10:19 pm
by Marsbar
Thanks Sunbeam.

We did do that one night of all the DJs gathering together. But Igor and I also respect that DJs have their own parties and friends they want to be with on that special night. You know - the kind of friends you can kiss deeply at midnight and then ....

As we did last year - we will be giving everyone a non-stop set of great party and dance music, with a countdown at midnight.

With it we each send you a very warm and huge wish for a Happy New Year.

BTW - Sometime between Christmas and New Years we will be presenting a 2 hour music and words Reflection - of all the greats we lost during 2016.