King Crimson at Budweiser Stage Sept 14...

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King Crimson at Budweiser Stage Sept 14...

Postby Sunbeam » Mon Sep 16, 2019 2:40 am

This is not a concert review, nor thought-out post-analysis.
It's just an email exchange from the day after.

Thanks to @keller204, I had tickets, and took my daughter and old high-school buddies...

The day after the concert, I received this email from one of my friends, a guitarist who I have worked with professionally as a sound engineer:

"Thank you for a wonderful evening. So magical that I’m still at the concert in my mind’s eye. The lighting and the sound was like a dance under the starlit night. Robert Fripp blew me away in a way in which he seemed to have total control of the show and wasn’t even centre stage. Thank god we had the binoculars to get up close into the world of being onstage. You could have done some real magic yourself if you were there on the sound board. Albeit the monitor engineer really had his hands full.

What a memorable show, thanks again my friend!

I replied with this:

"My pleasure, so glad you enjoyed it. I think we all did, and if I find any other really cool concerts coming up, I'll let you know. Glad I did this time.
Mr. Fripp was just the so-cool, so "I wanna be behind the scene" mad music-scientist sitting in the back seat, pulling all the strings and playing all the outrageous sounds... and it was magical.
And the rest of the team all pulled their weight. And then some.

Honestly, I was just blown away. I expected a great show. I did not expect the level of excellence we experienced. Especially the older material was performed so faithfully. I was disappointed in the audience for the premature ovation at the false ending of In The Court of the Crimson King... true fans should have known it wasn't over yet, and waited in hushed silence for the final movement...

The monitor engineer's job wasn't nearly as challenging as you might think- yeah there's 7 mixes. But, only one vocalist, who rarely sings, and only one backup vocalist, who sings even more rarely-- lol, instrument mixes are pretty easy to ride. It's the vocal mixes that are the test of the monitor engineer.

Cheers my friend!

I don't think there's really much more to say. Except, I'm glad I got to experience that show.
Another one off the bucket-list.

Oh, I might add, the only lighting change or colour fade during the entire show, from a basic white 3-dimensional static lighting plot, and green-blue backdrop, was for one song.

For that song, the stage subliminally shifted to Red. Deep Red. Red. That was the only lighting change all night. And it was so effective, our eyes weren't numbed by constantly changing and strobing colour changes accentuating the music throughout the show. That would have been antithesis. Instead, Fripp. Frippish. Fripp-approved. Red. Red only when needed. 8-)
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