Cats on a leash

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Cats on a leash

Postby MoodyBlue » Sun Feb 21, 2021 6:49 pm

Hi David,

Last night you mentioned people taking a cat for a walk on a lead. Mary and I did that with our first cat, whose name was Critter. Critter loved going for walks, it was more like trot through the backyard and into the park behind us. Sometimes he would make a beeline to a tree and climb up to a (thankfully) low hanging branch. Often he would just sit, watch the neighbourhood. Walk a few paces, sit and look. This continued when we moved to Guelph, he had a route and my job was to tag along. He knew he had to have the leash on to go outside and since we started the practice when he was a kitten he did not mind it.

It was funny when it rained, He would meow at the door and we would say "No Critter it is wet" with an emphasis on the word "wet". Nothing doing, he had to go and see for himself. Off we would go, down the hall, at a quick happy trot, down the stairs to the front door. He would stick his head out and then you could just see the black cloud form over his head. Oh, he would get pissed off and he would literally stomp his way back to the upstairs back door to check the weather there, he was not taking no for an answer too lightly. So I would open the door for him and Critter would stare out the door and then stomp back to the apartment, really pissed off. He did it every time it rained. It was very comical they way he would stomp on his way home.

Critter was with us for 19 years. Yeah we still miss him.

John & Mary
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