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Postby Sunbeam » Mon May 29, 2017 1:37 am

The Québécois' music scene has a long history of creating, performing, and publishing outstanding progressive music which has slipped under the radar in most of the rest of the world.

Montréal-based record label Constellation Records has a library of current offerings which we should ignore only at our own loss.

This page:

Offers free previews/(pre-listens?) of all the current Québécois offerings in their catalogue. Most of it is "Post-Rock/Post-Pop/Instrumental/Psych/Prog/Minimalist/Indie/Electronica"... if you're into this sort of stuff at all, there is a goldmine to be explored.

Follow the breadcrumbs, and have fun. I gave a couple of our fine DJs a heads-up on this last week.

I stumbled upon this whole scene when looking where to preview/buy the new Do Make Say Think album mentioned in my last posting. and they're Anglais from Toronto ;)

Remember, it was paying attention to shit like this that made chum-fm great in the early 70's, and CFNY great in the early 80s. Are we to grow old, ignoring jewels in the rough being presented to us by unexpected friendly strangers?

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