Peter Gabriel -- Solsbury Hill

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Peter Gabriel -- Solsbury Hill

Postby John Kerr » Sun Feb 02, 2014 3:51 pm

Peter Gabriel gets better with age, as this performance of Solsbury Hill proves it.
I always loved this song, and when I made a career change, it had more meaning than ever.

I was working at Kodak in Brampton Ontario when I could see that there was no future there. Kodak announced that the plant in Brampton was to close and everything moved to Toronto -- the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen when I joined the company. Digital technology started to cause "havoc" in the graphics arts industry where my wife Mary was working in -- long before it started to affect photography.

Working in the warehouse at Kodak I asked myself what do we have here that will not be affected by digital imaging? My answer was "nothing". So I enrolled in night school classes at Sheridan College to work towards a Library Technician Diploma. Then the announcement came to close Brampton and Mary and I decided that instead of going to Toronto, I would go to Sheridan full-time.

"My Friends would think I was a nut" Oh yes and family too. My parents were born and raised in the West End of Toronto. So was I. Kodak hired during the Great Depression. Leaving the good ship Kodak was something you did not do. The great yellow father was depression proof.

It turned out to be the right decision, and "Solsbury Hill" was the song in my heart at the time. And yes, the day I left Kodak "My heart was going "BOOM BOOM BOOM". But I new that they "could keep my things, they have come to take me home".
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