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Janice Ian reports on her earnings

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 11:00 pm
by MoodyBlue
Hi everyone
I copied this from a posting by Janice Ian on Facebook:
"Just got my BMI statements, which pay me when songs i write are played. On songs I own 100% of, Amazon Prime paid me $1.22 as the publisher for 6,456 plays. I'm making $0.00018897149 per play.
On "Apple Family", I had 4,334 plays, and got $1.05; that's $0.00024227041 per play. Things are looking up!
Oh, but for "Apple Student" I had 33 plays and made... $0.01. One cent. Really.
Wait! Pandora was huge in my little world - 19,006 plays!! and $2.93 in payment. Pandora Plus, 7,644 plays, and a 91 cent payment.
Spotify, Youtube about the same or less.
Since I wrote all these songs myself (without a co-writer), I should be paid the same amount again as a writer. People played my songs on Apple, Pandora, and Amazon 37,473 times - and at best, I made $3.18."

Further proof that the DRMA was all about saving Mickey Mouse from falling into the public domain and NOT about the artists.

John Kerr