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Postby NewGoldDream » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:13 pm

Last week in chat, it was mentioned to offer “samples” or “trial period” for promoting Nythespirit, and I agree with David that the “pennies per day” cost does not justify a promotion of that sort. David is not doing this for the money, but to reach and enhance the lives of many people with a product that he truly believes in. My list below could be used as a sample of some of the music he endorses. I find that people like to converse about the weather, and also, they love to talk about music! Everyone has an opinion, usually more in the form of a complaint (commercials, repetitiveness, commercials, general quality.) I mention that I have found some overlooked music from the 80's...not the hair bands, the pop, or the stadium rockers of the 70's Then for them to sample I will jot down a song or two for them to look up on shmootube and give a listen, one song can be of the old rock style, or a slow ballad, one can be a synthesizer good beat song, or one can be a more industrial sounding one. I think these songs can become the “free samples” of what David has to offer. If they like a certain song for sounding good, then refer them to a few others of similar genre. Also, mention that the music sounds more fuller with texture if heard on a headset, or the purchase of a cable from computer to stereo makes a world of difference in the quality of sound.

If they like to explore more then Nythespirit will suit them perfectly, and streaming 24/7 “Commercial Free” will introduce them to so much more. If they were very receptive and engaging in the conversation, maybe you could chip in and buy a You can then mention that David also introduces us to a wide variety of music during his pop up shows and each of his staff also play good music that they enjoy.

These 20+ songs are all “new to me” in the last 4-5 months. Can you imagine my excitement? ...Finding all these gems I have recently added to my daily listening pleasure? It's like a friend has dropped off 30 “new” songs at once and there is not 1 bad song in the lot!
Maybe these songs are all common to you, but I'm sure there are thousands of people like me who have never heard them before.

Gary Numan - Are Friend's Electric .. Listen to the Radio – Tom Robinson which I thought was Pukka originally .. Pete Shelley - Homosapien... are the only songs I knew from before.

The Comsat Angels – You Move Me // Peter Murphy – All Night Long /// Moev – Open Mind /// Tom Robinson – Listen to the Radio /// The Motors – Airport 1978 /// Gary Numan – Are Friend's Electric /// Ultravox – Brilliant .. White China /// Rockets – On the Road Again /// Skatt Bros. - Walk the Night /// Pete Shelley – Homosapien /// Sisters of Mercy -Temple of Love .. Lucritia /// Cabaret Voltaire – Crackdown /// Fad Gadget – Collapsing New People /// Damascus – Richard Strange /// Japan – Quiet Life /// The Cure – Fascination Street /// Book of Love – Boy /// Darkroom – San Paku /// Ministry – Lay Lady Lay /// E D F – Call Me James /// Thomas Dolby – Windpower /// E D F – So What of Tomorrow /// The Hidden Cameras – Gay Goth Scene /// Fiction Factory - Feels like Heaven

I suggested earlier in a different forum that we should all become "Ambassadors" for David's new venue. Maybe if they were referred to, this could be a good vehicle to lead them to

I think if someone was introduced to a few of these songs mentioned, and they had an appetite for more good music, then joining David Marsden's would introduce them to so many more. We can help him share the good music and enrich so many others in their listening pleasure. David said to a disc jockey recently who was asking him for advice...”just change the world listener at a time.” David has done this his whole life, and is still capable of doing so today, with me being a very recent example.

Through these timeless classic songs, David can reach a lot of people, also enhancing their lives daily. Once again I am beginning to appreciate music again...something that had been missing in my life. This new music in my life is creating good memories, it is now becoming the music of my life.

Thank you David Marsden for helping me awaken my passion once more for good music.

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