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Postby Marsbar » Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:55 pm

This from Mars Roberge...

I was just speaking to Censured In Canada's festival director, Stephen Chen today and he informed me that there are ONLY 2 TICKETS LEFT for Canadian Premiere for Scumbag (2 screenings!) for the 6 pm secret screening. Keep in mind, 6 pm is the only screening where you are guaranteed a reserved seat.

To purchase that ticket you must use the promo code: SCUMBAG when you check out and select the 6 pm screening for May 27th. THIS WILL BE THE ONLY TORONTO SCREENING DAY THIS YEAR (and perhaps the only Canadian screening as well!). If you miss out on the 6 pm screening, there is a 4 pm screening that you can attend with the regular day-pass (as well as see other festival films) but seating is limited to a first-come first-serve basis--you could be competing with people who came to see other films that day.

Oh and there are ONLY 50 Advance tickets left for Catch 22 Reunion Party (Scumbag Movie Afterparty).
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