Tumblers From The Vault-- Syrinx

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Tumblers From The Vault-- Syrinx

Postby Sunbeam » Mon May 15, 2017 2:06 am

We have discussed in the chatroom, the music of Syrinx- a brilliant Canadian band exploring synthesizer-based soundscapes back around 1970-1972, led by musical/synth genius John Mills-Cockell.

We all remember Tillicum- the theme of the CTV documentary series "Here Come the Seventies" with it's unique futuristic (at the time) synth-beat. Or the emotionally evocative Stringspace suite, culminating with "December Angel", a hauntingly beautiful mindspace which was a pastoral "aaahhh" standby for several chumfm DJ's in the early '70's.

Both the early Syrinx albums have been released recently as a set.
"Toronto prog/electronic trio Syrinx's early '70s catalogue is about to be celebrated in full via a new compendium. Combining a pair of LPs, singles, demos and more, the band's Tumblers from the Vault (1970-1972) sees release as a triple LP, double CD and digitally on October 14 via RVNG Intl."

From Amazon:
https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01KIC ... EEQB&psc=1

From the Amazon listing:
Product description
Syrinx's path veered from the dominant modes of '70s subculture, their version of chamber pop hybridized with wild, whimsical electronic experimentation charting new territory in the under and overground. Formed by composer John Mills-Cockell after the dissolution of Intersystems, Syrinx's two adventurous albums, Syrinx and Long Lost Relatives, endorsed the poetic potential of the avant-garde, subverting a turn of the '60s trend toward technological pageantry. Tumblers From The Vault presents these two albums alongside the trio's unheard music, revisiting the Syrinx story and sharing their memorable, mind-bending melodies. Triple LP version comes with printed inner sleeves, 20 page booklet with extensive liner notes, and a high-quality digital download.
Audio CD (Oct. 14 2016)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Outside Music

More Background:
http://exclaim.ca/music/article/cult_to ... ng_release

Need a reminder of what a wonderful thing December Angel was/is? Here, on Youtube:

LSD optional, at your own discretion.

Funny, I've never discussed this with Nash The Slash, nor Cameron Hawkins, but it seems to me that Syrinx was really a precursor and inspiration for the band FM.

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Re: Tumblers From The Vault-- Syrinx

Postby Marsbar » Wed May 17, 2017 2:08 pm

Thanks Sunbeam. John and I had been communicating by e-mail about this several months back. Somehow the CD was lost in the mail as it travelled from Vancouver.

I've sent him a note and hope to have this album soon.

Back in the mid-70's John and I did a little-known album together.
1976 Nuclear War 1984?Thunder Sound Studio, Kangi Quality records, Toronto, Ontario.

The concept was a forecast for the future. Written by Robin Armstrong - famed Astrologer.

Go to 17:05 on this player to hear an excerpt - I did the reading and the amazing music of John Mills-Cockell was layered in behind. The mix on DJLuvs audio is a little off....


Here is Robin's webpage


I will do some searching to try and find that album in my collection.
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