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Peter Murphy

Postby Marsbar » Thu Dec 13, 2018 1:01 pm

While I have not been able to confirm this story - the source is trusted....hope it's not a hack.

Peter Murphy reportedly ejected from his own concert for throwing bottles into the audience

Peter Murphy, currently touring Europe with his old Bauhaus bandmate David J, was thrown out of his own concert in Stockholm on Wednesday night for allegedly throwing a bottle into the audience and injuring a fan, according to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

According to an English translation of that article:

“The world-famous goth rock star Peter Murphy, 61, was thrown out by organizers from his concert at Nalen in Stockholm on Wednesday night. The rejection was preceded by throwing bottles from scene that injured a concert visitor in the face. When Murphy threw out, he ended up fighting with the guards.”

A photo shared to a 4AD Facebook group this morning — and seen above — shows Murphy on the sidewalk, presumably outside the venue, pinned down either by police or uniformed security personnel.


According to posts on Twitter and the event page for the concert on Facebook, there appeared to be issues with the sound or other equipment, and the concert was cut short. Video posted by fans on the Facebook event page shows Murphy kicking and breaking what appears to be stage lighting, and then throwing multiple bottles into the crowd during “Stigmata Martyr.”

The concert’s promoters posted the following on Facebook:

“With one more song planned, the artists tour manager and technician decided to end yesterday’s concert with Peter Murphy since technical equipment had been destroyed due to incidents we at Nalen take very seriously. The artist acted in an unacceptable way towards the audience and our staff. We are currently trying to sort the situation out. If anyone in the audience got injured in any way, we would like you to contact us and report to the police. We also want to say thanks to the guests who helped us at Nalen and others in the audience.”
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