Mike Pinder -- RIP

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Mike Pinder -- RIP

Postby MoodyBlue » Thu Apr 25, 2024 12:24 am

On April 24, 2024 Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues put on his wings and flew away.
Here is a list of the songs that Mike was the lead vocalist on:
Pinder songs
Created Thursday 25 April 2024

Days of Future Passed
"Dawn: Dawn Is a Feeling"
"The Sunset"

In Search Of The Lost Chord
"The Best Way to Travel*

To Our Children's Children's Children
"Out and In"*
"Sun Is Still Shining"*

On the Threshold of a Dream
"So Deep Within You" – Covvered by the Four Tops
"Have You Heard (Part 1)"
"The Voyage" Pinder instrumental 3:58
"Have You Heard (Part 2)" Pinder

A Question of Balance
"How Is It (We Are Here)"*
"Melancholy Man"*
"The Balance" – Pinder does the narration

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
"My Song"*

Seventh Sojourn
"Lost in a Lost World"*
"When You're a Free Man" *

"One Step into the Light"*

* denotes Mike Pinder as the lead singer

If it was not for Mike, perhaps Justin Hayward's hit song "Nights in White Satin" may not have been recorded. And then where would we be?
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