Aroma expresso Bars (Coffee Shops ++good)

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Aroma expresso Bars (Coffee Shops ++good)

Postby MoodyBlue » Sat May 26, 2018 11:38 am

Hello everyone

Recently, I have been trying to break away from my Tim's/Starbucks habits. Honestly, do we really need to pay somebody a huge franchise fee to sell coffee, cakes, and sandwiches? I have been searching for smaller, independent coffee shops before this minimum wage thing started here in Ontario.
In Toronto there is a chain called Aroma Coffee Expresso Bars, (just look for the word "aroma" in white on a black background. This small outfit is ten times better than Tim's any day.

I am at the Billy Bishop Airport on my way to Halifax. Fortunately there is an Aroma booth here at the airport. Purchased a delicious bran muffin that was a meal in itself. (BTW there is a history about the bran muffin and me --- Long story).

Liked the muffin so much I purchased a chocolate one for the trip.

Anyway when in Toronto look for these shops when you want a coffee break. I give them a double plus good (++good) 10.


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